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Thursday, 24-Jul-2008 17:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Rizqin's Sports Day - 9 July 2008

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I was a bit excited to see Rizqin's participation on that day. as a matter of fact, it was my first time to see my boy's involvement on Sports Day . I haven't got any clues what events or games that he took part in. Whenever i asked him, he simply said ' i don't know'. Yeah, as a six-year-old boy; he was not really sure what that day was all about. Furthermore, Rizqin is a quite shy boy.

Later, i knew that he took part in two events - running & throwing bean bags in the loops and he got first place (shared with his friend) for the latter. Two thumbs up, Rizqin!!! I arrived a bit late by 5 mins at the field and I missed to witness the running event. Luckily, a friend of mine managed to snap some pics. In the second event, i would say that he was confident to finish the task in front of the spectators.. i couldn't believe it....he was not as shy as what i expected..

well done my boy... though came out fourth...there's always be the first time

get ready for the second event

sitting in his sports house group

Monday, 21-Jul-2008 16:27 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Rizqin's Birthday - 4th July 2008

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I know that i have been quiet for quite a while . Not only because i don't know what to share...but also been quite busy packing things...there some boxes messing about in my sitting room now...not that many though as i have just started packing. Having said that, i think we don't have that much stuff....kononnye... Argh....our days in York are numbered... sedih gak... bukan ape nak kena keje balik...uwaaaa

Back to the entry....Rizqin's birthday fell on Friday - 4th of July (satu US cuti ) I planned to make a small party at school with his friends in class. Unluckily, that very day coincided with his school teacher's training day. I talked to his teacher and she said that we could do it a day earlier... bad luck again, Rizqin was poorly on that day so we had it on monday 7th of July (coincided with our wed anniversary ) Alhamdullillah, everything went smoothly as planned. Enjoy some of the pics...

friends sang the birthday song

everybody seemed couldn't wait for the cake...esp the birthday boy...he loves choc cake

enjoying the cake...yum...yum

with his best buddies...Kieran and Mark

On 4the July, we had another cake for the 4 of us....exclusive and limited edition konon the pic below explains it all...sempoi je kat umah

bila mood baik...camni la...

i didn't capture the goodies inside the bags... terlupa lak...but in there, most of them were chocs, sweets (V) and small toys kalau rajin tomorrow i'll update another entry on Rizqin's Sports Day lak

Sunday, 8-Jun-2008 17:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
"We've Got Guests" again

ilyas posing
Roman Bath
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Yes...I have been a bit quiet lately...the reason is simply because i don't have anything to share here, we haven't been anywhere, just stay put in York . Another reason maybe because i just can't stay away from my books esp the Kinsella collections

Two weeks ago, during the bank holiday weekend, my hubby's buddy and family from down south - Southampton; visited us. We took them to some of the attractions here. Enjoy the pics... We had a great time, didn't we Man?? Do come again...we know you will...mesti dok teringat2 designer outlet...

...with Hada and Aleysha by River Ouse

at Clifford Tower

Ilyas Rifqi with Alesya

now Adam Rizqin's turn...

...with Alesya at Castle Museum

Alesya ngan mamat Viking in front of Jorvik fyi, York has a famous viking museum - Jorviks

York Minster

St William college

Bettys Tea Room - the famous cafe in Yorkshire and was originated from Harrogate. It's really a common thing to see people queuing to be in. Worth going?? No comments...never been there

The Shambles - the oldest street in York

Alesya at Museum Garden...just look at Rizqin behind there....ceh..ceh..ceh

that's cooool

York city wall

the wall from the other side. The city centre indeed is surrounded by the wall...what a nice view from up here
More pics can also be seen at

Thursday, 15-May-2008 21:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Andalusia Pt 6: Cordoba

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On the third day of our visit in Granada, we decided to go to Cordoba which took us about 2hrs to reach there by bus. The only place that we went was the Mezquita - was once a great massive mosque back in the 10th century as Cordoba was the largest and most prosperous city of Europe. Sadly however, it is now a cathedral. We managed to capture some of the outstanding features of the mosque.

the arches of the mosque

When i first entered this place, i was so astonished to see these arches and pillars....hundreds of them...(maybe not sure)thinking of how people back then built them

the mihrab; a place for the Imam to lead the prayer, has an amazing architectural deco of quranic verses on the walls

La Masqura; doom-like ceiling situated just above the mihrab

Outside the mosque - Torre de Alminar (bukan Torres ehh..liverpool player tu ) or also known as The Bell Tower

Patio de los Naranjos or orange tree patio was once the ablutions courtyard

The Roman Bridge - one of the attractions here, not far from Mezquita

Besides Mezquita, the only attraction that we saw was only the Puerta Romano - the Roman Bridge not far from mezquita; as we had a bus to catch. Later on our way to the bus station, only we realized that there was another famous place also just nearby Mezquita - the Alcazar. If you like to see some beautiful pics of Alcazar, do visit my cousin's fp

Tuesday, 13-May-2008 18:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Andalucia Pt 5 : Granada City Centre & Albaicin area

Plaza de Isabel Catalica
Granada Uni bookshop
Granada Uni
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On our last day in Granada we went to several spots in the city centre and the Albaicin area - the Arab quarter or Moorish district. It is situated on a hill facing the Alhambra. You can see the whole of Alhambra from San Nicholas (one of the spots in Albaicin area). We walked up to this area from Puerta Elvira on narrow steep cobbled stone streets...fuhh really tiring... Further up the hill, you will see the spectacular view of Albaicin, Alhambra and Sierra Nevada...recommended to go.

alhambra from San Nicholas

alhambra and sierra nevada from San del Cristobal

a steep narrow cobbled stone street up to the albaicin area from Puerta Elvira

looking for souvenirs

That's all about it, Granada....really love to come again if there's a chance. Compared to other places that we've been, what i really like being here was about the food. It was so easy to find halal food esp at Plaza Nueva area, only about 20metres from where we stayed....punye la byk halal food kat sini...sampai bole pilih nak makan kat kedai mana...what a peace of mind.
'kenyang perut suka hati....'

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